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“I highly recommend life coaching with Elaine. It has changed my life. I entered in to this with a vague vision for a new career path and she was able to create a space where I could focus on goals, understanding my strengths and what I want to bring to this world to make my life more meaningful and fulfilling. She asked me questions and prompts that made me feel empowered and take back control of my life. Thank you Elaine for putting the fire back in my belly again”. Orla

“Elaine helped me to realise why I was going around in circles and not moving forward with my life. That awareness was life changing and I will forever be grateful for your support and guidance. Now I love setting goals and finding new challenges”. Linda

I went to Elaine for help as I was unhappy in my career. Elaine helped me to realise why I was unhappy. She showed me the opportunities that were there in front of me all along. Elaine and I made a plan together and 6 months later I am now still in the same Organisation but in a different role. I would have never considered myself in this role before as I didn’t believe in myself. I highly recommend Elaine as a Coach. Sarah

After my executive coaching sessions with Elaine I feel more assertive and empowered to take control of my own decisions and believe in myself during a very difficult time in my career.

Elaine gave me confidence in dealing with difficult work colleagues which has removed a huge amount of anxiety and stress that existed previously.

Elaine is an amazing coach. She really listened to me and helped me to figure out what makes me genuinely happy and how to live in the moment. Thank you Elaine. You helped me to break out of my comfort zone and to gain self confidence. My original goals were blown out of the water after 2 sessions, you made me feel like I could accomplish anything. Your ongoing support is invaluable and I know you are there for me when I need a boost. John

“I highly recommend Elaine as a Coach. When I started the process I was not enjoying playing football anymore. I was not performing and in a bad habit cycle. When I reached out to Elaine, she helped me to realise the root cause of my behaviour and helped me set up new habits to improve my negative mindset and improve my focus. I now feel in control of my life again. I highly recommend Elaine as a Coach”. Stephen

I always knew lifecoaching would have been beneficial for my mind but didn't realise how much of an impact it would have on my physical performance and my sporting career. I'm a sprinter and faced many road blocks along the way including have a balanced lifestyle which allowed me to train at a top level but also enjoy my life to the fullest. Elaine was able to help me map out a roadmap so I could have it all. As a result I was happier and more confident all round and this massively impacted my performance. Elaine is so fun and easy to work with and will always pull the best out of you & help you reclaim your potential.

Elaine Doran

Life, Business & Executive Coaching